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Things to do to get your ex back

LIFESTYLE- When you regret breaking up with your partner, you tend to miss them often while longing all the good times you have had together.

That can make you sad and wonder if the decision to break up was wrong. Breaking up does not always mark the end of a relationship, at least not for everyone. Does this mean you can get your ex back into your life?

If you are wondering how to reunite with your ex-partner, let  us share about what you can do to bring them back;

1. Evaluate your problems

What was the reason for your breakup? Figure it out, and if there is anything you can do to fix the problem, do it. If petty disagreements were the reason you broke up, find out what you can do or change to fix the conflict, and then talk to your ex about it.

When your ex sees that you are willing to make an effort to change for them, they may also start thinking about moving back together with you.

2. Ask yourself certain questions

After a breakup, it is not an easy task to patch up with your ex as you have to be the one making amends. And before anything, you should ask yourself a few important questions. Are you ready to compromise? Can you set your ego aside? Are you willing to make all the adjustments while your ex may refuse to do so?

If your answer to every question is a ‘yes,’ then it becomes easier for you to move ahead and reconcile with your ex.

3. Don’t belittle them

You Might have argued and fought a lot with each other before you broke up. But if you want to look forward to a happy new chapter of your relationship, you should not put your partner down now.

Even if you are still angry with them, try not to hold on to your negative emotions. Avoid lashing out at your partner if you want to patch things up and set aside all the bitterness for a fresh start.

5. Try to be practical

It must have been all fun and romance when you were in a relationship. But when you break up, romance takes a backseat, and everything becomes practical. So, you need to think of practical ideas to get your ex back. For instance, talk to them about what they want from you and express what you would like in return, forgive their actions that hurt you, and keep your expectations low. These might help your partner think positively about you and your feelings.

6. Start afresh

Though you have been in a relationship with them, now you may have to start everything new. Depending on how long you’ve been apart, a lot of things may have changed between the two of you. For example how you feel and think, what you expect, and your present status may have changed and could affect your chances of getting back together.

So, try to start your relationship fresh. Talk to them to know them better, ask questions, and try to sense what they feel. Make your partner feel that everything is new, even though the relationship is not. When they experience the freshness, it becomes easier for them to come back to you.

7. Build the trust in your ex

Partners do not trust one another as they did in the past after they end the relationship. If you are trying to get your ex back, it means that you still trust them. But do they trust you? Do they think that you can commit this time? If not, you need to build the broken and instill that confidence once again

8. Be ready to accept the changes

Don’t assume that things will get back to how they once were. Even if you get back with your ex, it will be a new chapter in your relationship. So be aware that there might be some changes in your partner or the relationship you may have difficulty accepting.

At such times, try to look at the positives, have faith in your relationship, and be open to all the changes that may come across. And if necessary, come out of your comfort zone as well.

9. Make them comfortable

You could be meeting your partner long after the breakup. Even though you’re both looking forward to reuniting, the meeting could be a little awkward. So, initiate a conversation and make them feel at ease before bringing up the idea or topic of getting back together. Try not to bring in the negativity back from the past. There is a long way to go after you get back together. So, starting on a positive note can be a good idea.



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