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SHOCKING: Woman surfaces at her burial

NEWS- The story of Noela Rukundo is something that will teach us not to trust anymore and it also shows that God is truly merciful.

Days after, Noela got new husband Kalala whom she gave three children which makes it a total of eight kids in their family. Unfortunately, Noela received sad news one day that her stepmother who raised her up had died so she had to y back home to pay last respect for her.

Noela lodged a hotel where she would spend the night after the funeral of her step mum where she was kidnapped by gunmen and forced into a car where other two men got a scarf and covered her eyes and drove her to a strange building where she was tied to a chair.

Kalala was later called by gunmen and put into a loudspeaker, Noela was shocked when she heard her husband’s voice saying that they should kill her.

Noela was heartbroken and she thought it was the end of the journey for her but her luck changed when the kidnappers told her not to worry that they won’t kill her.

Gunmen extorted more money from Kalala by adding an extra amount so they can kill her and he sent the money to killers.

After keeping Noela captive for two days, they decided to let her go and dropped her in the middle of the road and gave her all the necessary things she needed as evidence to bring her husband to justice including a voice recording of their calls in an SD card.

 Noela later travelled back to Melbourne Australia where she was living but she remained hidden from her husband and instead called her pastor and told him not to tell anyone that she’s alive.

Kalala had already spread the news to their friends and loved ones that Noela tragically died in an accident so they sent their donations and prayers for him and the rest of the family.

Funeral day reached and Noela decided to shock her husband who was sitting outside while waiting for the remaining people who were mourning wife’s death to leave the house and go to carry the coffin for burial when Noela came down from a car and shocked the congregation as she was seen as a ghost while walking closer to the burial site.

Mr Kalala screamed and started begging for forgiveness from his wife before calling the police that escorted him out of the compound.

Days later, Noela was given the opportunity to call her Kalala who explained to her that he did it out of jealousy, he told her that he thought she would leave him for another man that’s why he sent men to kill her.

Kalala was later taken to court and sentenced to nine years in prison for his crime.


Juma Mubiru
Mubiru passionately believes his journalism should bring to the fore the voices of the voiceless. Mubiru tries in his journalism to ask tough questions to those in positions of authority. “Journalism that changes lives is my goal,”


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