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Rukungiri NRM losers shun reconciliation, organize divergent meeting in Kampala

RUKUNGIRI- Some of the NRM losers in internal elections in Rukungiri have shunned the meeting organised by NRM Central executive committee members aimed at reconciling the losers and the winners for the good of the party.

The meeting was chaired by James Tweheyo assisted by Ntungamo woman Member of Parliament, Beatrice Rwakimari and the host Jim Muhwezi at Hotel riverside in Rukungiri municipality on Sunday.

James Tweheyo was in the district representing the party Chairperson also the president of the republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to make sure NRM does not splint here.

“The president has requested to ask you for the support of all NRM flag bearers including him as NRM presidential flag bearer in the coming elections,” he said.

Tweheyo said though NRM had the best and transparent elections ever, it has left behind some disagreements among the contestants.

“We expected not to have many NRM leaning independents since the election was lining up behind the candidate of their choice during broad daylight but to our surprise the independent candidates and many more than before!” He wondered.

Tweheyo asked all the losers not to sit down before flag bearers are announced and general winners.

“President said that he will not appoint other people to be agents of the Flag bearers when there are those who have been with people in elections who are better candidates to work for NRM flag bearers,” he said.

He added that the party chairperson has a plan for all those who lost in elections once they cooperate and consolidate NRM support in their respective electoral areas. 

Tweheyo assigned Jim Muhwezi to write the names and the contacts of all NRM parliamentary losers at Parliamentary and district level for further assignments.

David Tushobomwe Ndindirize the independent candidate for Rubabo constituency and the district chairperson, Andrewson Katebire who is also contesting as independent candidate did not attend the meeting.

Julius Muhurizi the two times contender in Rujumbura constituency regretted coming as an independent candidate in the 2016 elections which prompted the opposition to take the seat.

“I was too hurt when FDC took over Rujumbura and when I knew there were no FDC supporters in Rujumbura, now I will never and never contest as an independent because to avoid repeating the same mistake,” he said.

Muhurizi said he will be special campaign agent for Jim Muhwezi in Rujumbura and all NRM flag bearers to make sure all seats are taken by the NRM.

Marysent Aruho who contested for the district woman NRM flag bearer and lost to Medius Natukunda said that though is not contesting as an independent but was not happy with the way they are taking the aspirants.

“You don’t come here to tell us to support flag bearers without at least promising us something small as if we don’t have where we come from! I got over 24,000 votes you don’t take me for granted because I have followers who did not want the flag bearer and I have to convince them to support her,” She said.

She said is ready for talks with the flag bearer for the good of the party if the flag bearer and NRM as whole deemed it important to be with me. 

RDC Dan Kaguta said that it was unfortunate that only the threatened constituency of Rubabo flag bearer and those contested with her were all not in the meeting.

“There is no way we can know the problems that are in Rubabo when even the flag bearer is not here. She was only one member of NRM in the 10th parliament, I think she thought things would remain the way they were, which could be different this time,” he said.

Kaguta asked the CEC members to make sure they strengthen NRM register if they are to avoid many complaints and independents in future.

He said district chairperson; Andrewson Katebire lost the flag during broad daylight but decided to come back as independent to disorganize the flag bearer and is the reason why he is wasn’t in the meetingy. 

Wednesday Twinomujuni district councilor for Nyakishenyi Sub County said the other threatened seat in the district is that of LC 5 since there are two independents and two parties’ candidates can end up in the hands of FDC.

He urged NRM leaders to settle the district chairperson, Andrewson Katebire so that he doesn’t continue as an independent candidate which can lead them to lose the seat.

The meeting resolved that all former NRM aspirants will support the President Yoweri Museveni and all NRM flag bearers in the coming general elections.



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