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OPINION: Remaining operational in uncertain times

NEWS- Navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for so many of us. However, for businesses it’s been quite challenging as they have been forced to re-evaluate how, where and even when they should market themselves. Lately, it seems as if it’s a reputation tightrope as businesses and brands delicately balance changing to a more sensitive and compassionate tone, while finding opportunities to remain operational in an uncertain time.

Marketing at a time when the world seems to be a standstill can be discouraging. When funds get low marketing is often the first thing that gets the cut. During this time it is important to keep believing in your product. Continue to market your business. Keep pushing! Sales and clients may dwindle during a pandemic but remember once this is all over people will remember you IF you give them something to remember.

Many businesses flooded customers’ inboxes with messages about how they were responding to COVID-19 during the first few weeks of covid-19. What do you say, or do, next and how do you respond to various points of view? 

Many organizations also cut back their marketing efforts during the crisis but it is now the time to take your foot offs the marketing pedal?

 Take a close look at your current marketing strategies and try to adjust them. In times of a crisis, you should maintain and even gain a competitive advantage by investing more, in your marketing strategy, not less.

There is nothing better than owning a business that is prepared to stand the test of time. Come what may, your business should be able to weather the storms. While it is normal for businesses to struggle during a pandemic, having a solid marketing plan could shield you from experiencing major losses.

However, it is important to understand that having an online presence is only half the battle. Even more significant is integrating your existing and potential customers into your digital marketing plan. So, whether you own a business or run a digital agency, here are a few tips for churning out appropriate content during this unfamiliar time or in any other pandemic;

• Make sure you adjust and reevaluate campaigns and content that were scheduled before the pandemic.

• Ensure that your messaging is empathetic and not tone-deaf.

• Create helpful content to educate, entertain and inspire people.

• Add value by keeping people informed about your business operations, closures or policy updates.

• Communicate your brand’s value during this critical time.

Therefore, as we maneuver through this crisis, don’t pause your marketing plans. A strategic pivot with a global consciousness and tact can be your guide to continuing brand awareness and outreach during this new marketing landscape.

Marketing during a slow economic season is just as important as it is during your best season. How you make people feel now could benefit you in the long run. Keep the passion, don’t give up!

Stay Clean! Stay Safe! Better days are ahead.

The Writer is the Public Relations Coordinator & News Editor Peak FM Kabale District.

By Namanya Boaz



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