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OPINION: Is Museveni behind opposition’s disintegration?

KAMPALA- When Museveni predicted that the opposition would be no more come 2021 very few believed him. The trend the opposition is taking today confirms his prophecy and actually vindicates him because others had thought he was going to physically do it by himself.

  Last week, I watched with disbelief how the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Secretary General, Hon. Nandala Mafabi embarrassed his fellow party member Hon. Nabilah Nagayi on national Television.

I wondered how such a disorganized team can sustain a struggle against the indomitable Museveni when they cannot resolve such small disagreements internally. How do they expect the voters to trust them?

  I really wonder how FDC leaders who are expected to have amassed experience and skills in leadership could fail to consolidate a small political organization like theirs and yet think they can vie for presidency of an entire nation. 

Ordinarily, disagreements would be normal because human beings are not homogeneous. Actually in a dynamic society disagreements are normal and to some extent healthy, for they brew debate and evolution of new ideas but if not properly managed they can lead to the disintegration of the whole society. 

  It is inconceivable that people who fail to promote internal cohesion can be entrusted with the mantle of leadership to preside over 44 million Ugandans.

  The Bible says in Luke 16:10 states that; “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

  Unfortunately, instead of concentrating on how to consolidate and unite their members they instead blame it all on President Museveni. This happens whenever people engage in a struggle with no just cause.

They forget that when Museveni was fighting to liberate this country Obote also tried to divide them, using money and other political favors. Dr. Obote was, however, vehemently resisted by the fighters, why, because they were pursuing a just cause.

  By and large if the guys in opposition had confidence in their struggle, no one and nothing would stop them.

The truth is that the opposition has had no reason to oppose Museveni whatsoever. They are simply engaged in self-aggrandizement.

I just wonder what they expect their opponent Museveni to do.!! Do they expect the President to help them defeat him!!!

  Napoleon Bonaparte said; “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” literally meaning if you notice that your enemy is making a mistake, let us say during a battle he is misreading a situation or placing his soldiers in a position which leaves them at a disadvantage, you should not do anything that would interrupt him from completing the blunder. An attack after such a mistake would definitely win the battle.

 This simply means that when you notice your enemies screwing up be kind enough to allow them to fully complete their error. If possible you should aid them. It is better to let them sink deeper in the swamp, or to dig a bigger hole for themselves. It generally works in your favor.

This is exactly what Museveni is doing. If there is an opportunity that the opposition is tearing itself apart it would be unwise to stop them, lest they wake up, unite, galvanize and turn against him (Museveni).

As I usually say, I am only concerned with the gullible youth who end up being sucked into the mud.

Brethren I implore you to be extra careful lest you are used and dumped and left in a more vulnerable and deplorable situation.

Frank Asiimwe Mulekwa 

NRM Publicist Kampala


Davis Kankwasi
Davis Kankwasi
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