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Multilateralism, climate change are key actors to the future – Kampala Geopolitics

KAMPALA- Friday, October 30, was the climax of the sixth day of the third edition of the Kampala Geopolitics conference 2020, which has hosted at the Next Media Park in Naguru.

This time around the script changed due to COVID – 19 pandemic and it was held online, social media platforms and on television ran under the theme “Geopolitics in the year of the Pandemic and beyond”.

In his closing remarks, the French Ambassador to Uganda, H.E Jules – Armand Aniambossou made highlights of the conference that commenced on October 19.

“The debate has set another series of online sessions. This had quality speakers and this has been affirmed by the public comments. It was a great honor to have high quality panelists from all over the world. The fact is that the world will never be the same after but for the better. The panel on COVID -19 emphasized the need to unite as political leaders and as Figaro journalists said, we should not politicize health and International investigations are needed” He said.

“The sports and arts sector has been affected greatly and we should think beyond and engage other actors as per the Agence Francaise de Development (AFD).

I cannot talk about sport without highlighting the president of Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC)   in terms of diversity and capitalizing in areas of strength and also partnerships instead of begging. 

It will shape global conversation and make the world a better place though we need to be vigilant because my country France has been attacked by the Islamists. We need to protect freedom of speech, rights not to believe, we must be committed and should never give up though and it is not our struggle but every body’s.” Jules added.

 His Excellency Mathias Schauer, the German Ambassador to Uganda described pandemics and climate change as factors without boundaries and he was bothered that some countries can handle alone.

” Multilateralism works on mutual respect, looking forward we are facing droughts, floods, rising sea levels, organized crime, poverty, money laundering among others and this can be over comedy by working together to find a common position. We have United Nations, African Union, IGAD, among others and they need intergrity to work properly “Said Mathias.

He explained that currently multilateralism is not popular in East Africa but it has no option since it has the more advantages and called for proper sustainable ways of protecting the environment since we cannot have another planet.

Adding to climate change, Ms. Susan Nanduddu, Executive Director , African Centre for Trade and Development (ACTADE) and an  environmental adaptation professional said that the global temperatures is above 1 degree Celsius and it took about a century.

“We have contributed to the climate change and the biggest has been fossils fuel emissions, industrialization among others. When you look into the future and the entire, there is needed to grow as much as having a proper solution. In 2017 France signed the Paris Agreement and science is telling us that the emissions are getting impossible and the recent impacts are coming in play due to long ago alterations” She added.

More so, in regards to youth unemployment, veteran journalist Charles Onyango- Obbo advised young people to look for where the money is in the areas of technology and innovation since they have an upper hand there.

The concluding session that was hosted by Twasiima Bigirwa and Ms. Rosa Malango, the United Nations Representative to Uganda who shared more about 75 years of service to the world.



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