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Kisoro District Leaders, Elders Break Silence Ahead of the 2021 Elections

KISORO- As the country gears up for general elections in January 2021, leaders in Kisoro have given their perspective about their district and what they anticipate will be outcomes of the election.

Our reporter managed to have one on one conversations with a number of not only prominent but also influential leaders who include, Hon Dr. Philemon Mateeke (Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Minister of State for Regional Cooperation), Abel Bizimana who is Kisoro District LC 5 Chairman, Hon Tress Buchanayanda (Former Minister of Agriculture) and Mr. Ramathan Ndikuyeze who is the Kisoro District NRM Vice Chairperson. 

While speaking to these leaders, our reporter managed to pick views from them on a number of issues ranging from President Museveni’s popularity and 2021 candidature, Jobs for Kisoro people at the national level and roads to be constructed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hon Dr.  Philemon Mateeke (The Minister for Regional Cooperation)

Hon Dr. Philemon Mateeke told our reporter that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is in a very comfortable position in Kisoro as compared to any other Presidential contenders. 

He termed President Museveni’s forthcoming win as a mammoth victory in Kisoro district likening it to the past victories where he garnered 100%.

On the matter of Kisoro being forgotten after voting, Dr. Mateke said that Kisoro has also benefited and it will hugely benefit with time.

He gave an example that he was a Minister hailing from Kisoro and the road from Kabale to Kisoro is one of the best roads in the country was also worked on.

When we asked  about the most talked issue of the pending approval of one of Kisoro people Robert Mukiza, Hon Mateeke told us that he is aware that the appointment is in the offing and he believes that at the right time, President Museveni will resolve that and the people of Kisoro will be happy. 

He went ahead and noted that President Museveni does not lie, “when he tells you something he fulfills it, so it’s a matter of time that the appointment of Robert Mukiza will be approved and that matter will be resolved for once and for all” He assured.


Minister Mateke also welcomed Uganda’s initiative to construct roads in Democratic Republic of Congo. 

“We live in a global village and we must remain connected and one of the things that keep us connected are the roads,” Minister Mateke said.

He said that he strongly believes that Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo will greatly benefit from the road infrastructural development in terms of trade and networking.

Hon Tress Buchanayandi (Former Minister of Agriculture)

Hon Tress Buchanayandi is the former Minister of Agriculture and when asked about the issue of road construction in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Buchanayandi was very positive to the initiative but also called for the same in the border districts so that the network is not cut off at some point.

He noted that Uganda must get connected to Congo and one of the ways to connect it is by constructing roads and putting in place airports.

“This is a very good initiative from Uganda’s government, and it’s highly supported” Hon Buchanayandi noted.

When asked about President Museveni’s support in Kisoro, he informed our reporter that the President is still on the ground, but he needed to consolidate his support in the District by working closely with Bafumbira.

Mr. Abel Bizimana (Kisoro District LC 5 Chairman)

Abel Bizimana who is the incumbent LC 5 Chairman who is also the official LC5 NRM flag bearer for Kisoro district told our reporter that President Museveni is very popular in Kisoro District and stands a chance of winning the district as it has been before. 

He however decried the high level of intrigue that has penetrated and become part and parcel of the NRM party where some people are seen to be more NRM than others and asked which yard stick was used to measure that.

“This is a very bad culture that is likely to eat away our dear party” Bizimana said angrily.

Abel was however quick to say that  the people of Kisoro District are not happy with how they are treated when it comes to sharing the national cake and gave the example mentioned of their sons Mr. Robert Mukiza who was selected to head the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).

“Having been found to have the best credentials to take forward UIA but up to now, Mukiza has not assumed the position” He said.

He further said that another person hailing from Kisoro District was at one moment given a job in Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) but was sacked a week later. 

“We wonder and can’t understand who is against us the Bafumbira in this government yet we overwhelmingly vote for President Museveni and the NRM party” He asked.

He added, “We are like orphans in President Museveni’s government that we have selflessly and overwhelmingly supported for more than three decades”.

He revealed that  when the President last visited Kisoro, he was told that they  were happy that our son Robert Mukiiza was selected and this was good news for Bafumbira but when soon they hear that he is not yet in the position, they feel miserable.

“We also asked him to give us a University and he allowed and the University was named John Kale Institute of Science and Technology, but up to now, nothing has taken shape which has left Kisoro and Bafumbira bleeding.

The Chairman however commended the president for approving the construction of roads in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) noting that the roads in Congo will boost trade between Uganda and DRC and Kisoro being near the border, will become priority beneficiary to the advantage of Bafumbira.

Mr. Ramathan Ndikuyeze (Vice Chairmanship NRM Kisoro District)

Ramathan Ndikuyeze is the NRM Vice Chairperson of Kisoro district and he assured our reporter that the NRM party and specifically President Museveni will once again win Kisoro district with a very big margin.

He however noted that for the better future of the NRM Party needs to invest a lot in reconciling those who won the party primary elections and those who lost.

When asked about Kisoro sharing on the national cake, Rhamazan Ndikuyeze also pointed out that Bafumbira have always been sidelined and fought when it comes to big appointments in the NRM government.

He too referred to the pending approval of Robert Mukiza who was selected to head Uganda Investment Authority after winning the interviews.

On the issue of roads, Ramathan Ndikuyeze who is a businessman noted that cross border roads are good for Bafumbira and for Uganda but he also encouraged the NRM government to consider upgrading the tourism roads within Kisoro District in order to create employment opportunities for the local residents.

Patson Baraire Mushaija
Patson Baraire Mushaija
Patson Baraire Mushaija is a Seasoned Journalist. He has an experience of Field and Community reporting for over 20 years. He started his career at Daily Monitor in the 1990s and is known for breaking major stories that remain topical issues today like the Bwindi Massacre and Kibwetere Inferno. He also worked at New Vision before concentrating on Digital Media. He has worked as reporter and news editor for a number of Media Organisations. Baraire is a family man, practicing farmer, and public speaker, is passionate about community Journalism. He is currently a Co-Editor at the Informer Ug an Online Publication in Western Uganda. Patson is widely traveled in East and Central Africa where he has attended several media training and Election Monitoring. He is passionate about Environmental Issues and Health Reporting.


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