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How to resurrect your sex life

LIFESTYLE- Sex is an integral part of any healthy relationship. To fully enjoy your relationship, you’ll have to boost your intimacy through sex. Having a dying sex life is not only boring but also makes the energy of your relationship really low. To rekindle the fire that should be burning all the time, try any of these ideas and see positive results.

Plan a date or trip

One of the things that dampens your sex life is familiarity. If you’re often in the same house, with no adventure or new features to see, your sex life will be boring. Planning to go on a trip with your partner excites you since you’ll be expecting something new. You’ll also experience new foods, new ambience, all which will make it easier to revamp your sex life.

Stay off your gadgets

Whereas our laptops and phones bridge the distance gap and make communication easy, there are downsides of their constant use. Being fully into your gadgets limits the one on one connection that is necessary between you and your partner. You’ll experience it being more of a distraction since you’ll be fully engrossed into the gadgets. Keep them at bay and actually make time to speak and experience your partner’s presence.

Take a day off work

While we definitely must work to eat, we shouldn’t make work a barrier to our sex life. Every time you are off work and tired to actually enjoy your partner’s company or have good sex can take a toll on your relationship. To resolve this, get a leave or some break from work. This comits the two of you into creating some time for each other that isn’t bombarded with responding to emails or calls.

Invest in good sensual wear and items

Some lingerie, some dim scented candles and nice bed sheets really make a huge difference in improving your sex life. You’re definitely going to feel more attractive and sexy when you slip into some nice lingerie, in comparison to wearing a baggy t-shirt to bed. Sex starts from visual appeal, all to scent, some good music for the ears and finally touch. Create this perfect environment often to have a great sex life.

Try new sex positions

A change is as good as a rest. To resurrect your sex life, learning and trying some new sex positions will do magic. Be sure to express your desires to your partner and be confident to trying them. Having such an open mind will enable both of you to move from mediocre sex to above average experiences.

Read some sex improvement materials

Increase your knowledge and read some sex improvement materials. They could be magazines, movies, documentaries or other resources.

This broaden your perspective and can work well in guiding you in trying new things. Prioritize having great sex. Life is too short to have a dying sexual experience.



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