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Domestic measures are the only way not Alien strategies – Kampala Geopolitics

KAMPALA- Due to COVID- 19 pandemic that struck the globe, there were a lot of statements from international agencies and nations on how it should be managed. This has not been the case and most countries developed their own strategies on how to handle the pandemic their own way.

It had great impact on global leadership and unveiled the mode employed by them regarding ideology, political system, culture among others.

This was the matter of contention on day – four of the Kampala Geopolitics Conference at Next Media park on Monday, October 26, 2020 in Naguru.

Mr. Moses Owiny, the Chief executive officer of Centre for Multi lateral affairs revealed that International systems must be a formula in which they work, and relate in regards to material ability, economic, social power, and geographical size.

He noted that they are people who believe that COVID – 19 has been politised and this will shape the way we look at things.

 Mr. Andrew Mwenda, the chief executive officer , the Independent Magazine said that politics is usually at the front and most governments  are looking at winning the hearts of their  citizens. 

“The systems of the western world are not universal and that is what they do not know. The dynamics of other countries and local practices cannot be disregarded and put under one umbrella. A health pandemic is a national matter regardless of the state of the nation. You have seen others countries like Rwanda putting tight lock-downs, Burundi and Tanzania took their way. Kenya is between and for South Sudan we do not know.” Mwenda noted.

“Our president feared the disease and when he saw the news on International media, he took it serious and this gives me the sense that the International sounded the alarm and the leaders decided to take their style.

It was due to the domestic politics and International information that was in the media” Mwenda added.

Renaud Girard, an international reporter for Le Figaro a national daily in France highlighted on key pointers that aggravated the spread of COVID-19.

“It is very interesting, China is a world global leader and we should tell the truth all the time to the population, no cause of panic, politics should not be at the front of health, and it was done by International leaders that is why you heard they shut up the doctors and went on with this patriotic movement in Huiwan China. The World Health Organisation (WHO) after receiving an alert from Taiwan but for that reason they made a big mistake and did not serve the world as they ought to do.”  Girard said.

“China was not alone to lie to its people and this happened in France and where a government spokesperson declined the matter of the masks and after 6 months they went to the same people and they made it compulsory for the people to wear masks and this created alot of mistrust among them. They had a shortage but feared to tell the truth. For an international crisis it requires International investigation and you remember that the Australian government was denied to intervene and you saw the results” Girard added.

He also urged Africans to be self sustaining and liberal so that they could handle other diseases such as Malaria which kill people besides COVID -19.

The session that was moderated by Simon Serwanjja had also Sylvie Matelly, the deputy director of Institutor for International Relations and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) as one of the speakers.



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