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ANALYSIS: A vivid look at Rubanda District Woman MP Aspirants and uncovering the history of Kabale Woman MPs

RUBANDA- Without a doubt, no politician has ever represented Kabale District better than Hon Hope Ruhindi Mwesigye until later when Kabale was split into 3 separate districts namely; Kabale, Rukiga and Rubanda.

Hon Hope traces her fame from an earlier background that was backed by her brother-in-law, Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi, who was a powerful Politician and highly regarded Prime Minister in Uganda’s government.

He was one time dubbed as a Super Minister and a champion of legal affairs who was tightly guarded by red top clad UPDF sharp shooters.  Almost equivalent to that of President Museveni that’s why he was named in corridors of power as de facto President of Uganda. It is said that one evening he told Dr Kiiza Besigye in 2001 that he had jumped the queue when Dr Besigye decided to take on President Museveni in a presidential race, the time when NRM historicals feared, loved and respected Gen Museveni like a God of sorts.

This was because the bush war comrade was a blue-eyed boy to the commander due to his competency in many aspects like being conversant with legal dynamics at his finger tips. 

Be it as it may, his sister-in-law traced her expertise all the way from Law school and her youthful days backed by her background as a lawyer and daughter of Rev Ruhindi, she joined NRM and dominated the women’s arena and was named NRM yellow girl.

 The the famous and powerful NRM ladies, equally her sister was as powerful as the duo, Chairperson NRM women’s league Jackline Mbabazi the wife to John Patrick Amama Mbabazi. These ladies were powerful, leave alone today’s Kasule Lumumbas who are not known beyond NRM head offices! 

So when she joined politics of Kigezi as the most beloved yellow girl, plus her eloquence and oratory skills, it was mandatory to uproot the then Hon Ntegamahe Christine.

Hon Hope Mwesigye became as popular as her brother-in-law, Amama Mbabazi and she effectively used this time to help her district with tangible things which are still evident today especially when she was the reigning Agriculture Minister. 

Her misfortune occured when she rubbed shoulders with the state house, and it was schemed that this powerful lady, whose brother-in-law was developing his presidential ambitions should be dealt with accordingly. 

On top of this, this eloquent and powerful lady created so many enemies with powerful politicians of Kigezi including the then powerful Shemu Bagaine whose wallet was always loaded.

 Her clash with popular and revered Kigezia Priest cum politician Rev Fr Gaetano, cannot easily be forgotten and conflicting with Rev Fr Gaetano was like scratching a leopard’s delicate part! 

It became the last straw that broke the camel’s back and like the biblical David and Goliath story, a much less popular young lady, a political novice of Kigezi Ninsiima Rona Ritah, uprooted her and suppressed her political superiority.

 Hon Ritah Ninsiima was a radio presenter at Radio West before joining active politics, was then backed by all foes of Hon Mwesigye which ended her political journey in Uganda’s political arena.

This fulfilled the school of thought of never fighting many enemies on one frontline at ago.

Against this background, the monopoly of women in Kigezi’s politics ceased to enjoy this assurance and dominance in the politics of intrigue and patronage to the state house.

 Hon Ninsiima Rona went on to serve for one term and the poor girl was uprooted by “Owabodingi” Hon Atwakiire Ndamira Catherine who is the incumbent todate.

Hon Ninsiima’s short-lived term was largely contributed to the fact that she went in Parliament as a single lady and after landing in the luxuries and extravagance of Uganda’s parliament like a free car, iPads etc;  was hilarious and overexcited and hence blindfolded, fulfilling the promise that “beyond excitement is misery”. 

The poor rich girl used this opportunity to search for a suitor whom she never introduced to her electorate who had raised her from nowhere to somewhere, and moreso, she failed to introduce the father of the child which was a boomerang to her!  

This history up to date has affected single ladies in Kigezi politics as they always claim that a woman MP should be married or with a family to avoid the past mistakes and embarrassments.

Now let us critically look at how these aspiring greater Kabale women are fairing today, beginning with Rubanda district.

RUBANDA DISTRICT has three women aspirants include Hon Prossy Akampurira Begumisa Mbabazi the incumbent, Ms Hilda Kabarungi Karuhize (Akasari) and Ms Ninsiima Everline Kikafunda (Entunguka etaremura), all standing on NRM ticket.


Is daughter of Karuhize, a business tycoon in hardware in Kabale town and she was in the same race last time and was the second runner up. 

She uses Akasari name as her trade mark campaign slogan and she is a single lady, though the other group call her a single mother.

She has shrewd campaign youths with a do or die attitude, moving up and down in valleys of Kigezi and almost causing commotion.

This has raised a lot of dust in Rubanda as wananchi accuse her of using youths to create a lot of smear campaigns against the incumbent.

 It is said that electorates know a lot more about her father than the aspirant, on many occasions which has degenerated her votes drastically. 

The issue of Bubare sub-county where she hails has affected her too because Bubare sub-county is being claimed to be part of Kabale city 2023 ,that means she will find herself in the jurisdiction of Kabale City, and this will cause a by election in Rubanda district for a Woman MP.

Her camp uses the propaganda that the incumbent had a maternity leave and was absent from constituency for sometime but this  has backfired, causing a sympathy vote to the incumbent  especially women who understand the gymnastics of labor pains and its aftermath and this has connected them to long time issues of single ladies in history of Kabale with its negative consequences.


She has maintained her status quo on the ground and she has been named “entunguka etaremura” (sustainable development) because of her numerous community projects in Rubanda.

 She was also in the race last time with the same aspirants and people have embraced her oratory skills and eloquence.

She is trying to connect deep into villages though Rubanda coverage remains too big for her but campaigning pace and strategy were affected by scientific campaigns that bar public meetings of large crowds.


She is the incumbent Member of Parliament and daughter of City businessman Mr Begumisa, born in  Ikumba sub-county and married to Mr Apolo Mbabazi in Muko sub-county. 

Recently, she has regained her former love and support from deeper rural communities than before and her opponents’ supporters are in based Urban Trading Centres, but she has penetrated into deep rural communities.

 She has camped in the constituency explaining her solid achievements and explaining her manifesto. 

Her 24/7 presence in the community has ganned her popularity and they have rebranded her as intelligent, respectful and a Woman of substance who cherishes women values and moreso is a girl-child promoter.

 She does not fight back verbally her critiques, but instead insists on development issues.

Rubanda district was carved out of Kabale district 2017  that means, she has been in Parliament for three years and not five years as required and the electorates still remember her achievements as; as educationist because she has heavily invested in the education sector. 

Hon Prossy Akamurira is a teacher by profession, majoring in Mathematics / Chemistry from Makerere University and no wonder she has become a role model in the promotion of science subjects in Rubanda District.

She has therefore supported girl child education,giving scholastic materials to all candidates in Rubanda District and giving scholarships to many, promotion of health camps like supporting Health Centre IIs in each sub-county and carrying out various medical camps, helping in construction and repairing of feeder roads as she is a member of this committee Rubanda Districts Local govt,and she has greatly cooperated with the locals in social-economic welfare in various forms.

As we eagerly wait for the 10th of September polling day, if the political landscape does not change, the incumbent has it all to sail through with ease because voters have made a paradigm shift. 

By Friday Rwamahe

We at The Informer Ug, keep on countdown day by day until D-Day.



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