Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Full Figure Speaks Out Reported S@3#x Video In The Car

Faded singer and self styled presidential advisor Jennifer Full Figure has come out to address the circulating rumours of an alleged video in which she is having romantic pleasure in the car. The alleged video has seen its screenshots make rounds on Facebook as many claimed the woman in the video screenshot was Full Figure with a yet to be identified man. 

However, other social media people had an edited version of the screenshot with a shirt that resembles Balaam Barugahara’s trademark T-shirt as they claimed the man in the video was Balaam.

However, Full Figure has come out to refute the video and trash it as nonexistent, saying all this is the work of the People Power losers who feel the heat of the impact she has had after she joined NRM.

Full Figure says the fact that People Power bloggers have started crafting propaganda against her is evidence that she is too hot for them to handle and a huge dent to their so called struggle.

 “I know I give you headache   and I like it when you try propaganda against me just because you have failed to put me down    but sorry try something better the person in that photo is totally different from me  thank you  for showing my bosses that am a problem to your situlagoooo .” wrote Full Figure on Facebook.

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