Saturday, January 23, 2021

“Stay Strong!” – Crysto Panda Speaks Out On Sheila Gashumba And Tina Fierce Saga

We earlier told you of how Urban TV and their presenter Tina Fierce were under fire as city socialite and former radio presenter Sheila Gashumba accused them of cyber harassment. We also told you of how Urban TV had released a brief video revealing that Tina Fierce’s Sqoop on Sqoop show had been terminated for the time being.

Reports indicate this was a result of pressure from the legal suit filed by Sheila Gashumba and the orders by the Uganda Communications Commission which are reported to be probing the show over reports of failure to adhere to broadcast guidelines. Now after the show has been halted by the TV, Sheila Gashumba has taken to social media to boast about her success. 

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But NTV presenter and “Kyoyina Omanya” singer Crysto Panda has leapt to Tina Fierce’s defence, saying there isn’t anyone fit to lose their job in this period of the lockdown and financial uncertainty. Panda consoled Tina, saying she will come back stronger and bigger.

“No One deserves to lose their job in this period. Bambi stay strong Tina!” wrote Crysto Panda on twitter.

Many fans have come up with contrasting opinions about the saga saying Tina had become a god and thought she was invincible while others leapt to her defence, saying Sheila is always seeking cheap publicity.

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