Tuesday, January 19, 2021

DJ Slick Stuart And Roja Set To Drop Debut Album Dubbed “Very Wellooo”

Famed for popularising the mixtape release and one of the most uptown spin masters that Ugandans have come to know more, Slick Stuart and his partner in crime DJ Roja have stepped out of their comfort zone. Having released several mixtapes, the pair are bow braced for the maiden release of their debut music album titled “Very wellooo”.

According to the duos social media platforms, the album will drop on August 27th this year and they have alerted fans to get ready to have a blast, whether the country is still under lockdown or not. 

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The album will feature several hits that they have done with several artistes over the years such as ” Pon mi” with Bennie Gunter, “Sunday” with Allan Toniks, “Up in the air” with Cindy and of course “Very Well” alongside King Saha among others.

The album will be a compilation of what the two spin masters have been up to in the past two years. 

We can’t wait.

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