Sunday, January 24, 2021

“Pull It Down Right Now!” – God’s Plan Openly Threaten Fans Over Their Criticism On Sheila Gashumba, Angry Fans Hit Back And The Internet Is In Meltdown

City socialite, moneybags, and ex-convict Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan has threatened to bring out his true colours and character if social media users don’t stop bullying his girlfriend Sheila Gashumba on social media.

God’s Plan has been left infuriated by the manner in which some social media users are bullying and criticising Sheila Gashumba after she declared that she has the most beautiful lips in Uganda.

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While appearing on Next Media’s Sanyuka TV, Sheila Gashumba claimed that she doesn’t smoke which has contributed to her having the most beautiful lips in Uganda.

“I do not smoke. People who smoke cannot have pink lips like I do. I have the most beautiful lips in Uganda!” boldly stated Sheila when questioned on whether she smokes.

However, fans didn’t agree to her blood claim, some taking to social media to post photos of the socialite to suggest she is actually not even beautiful. A one Unemployed Youth Namanya posted photo of the former TV presenter with her face disfigured as she tried to roll her eyes and captioned;

Sheila Gashumba: I have the most beautiful lips in Uganda

Ugandans: This you?” he joked.

The tweet forced God’s Plan out of Kamooli who immediately lashed at Unemployed Youth with threats warning him to pull down the post immediately. Despite his stern warning and demand, the unmoved social media user refused to budge and was rightly supported hundreds more tweeps.

Take down this post right now!” Fumed the ex convict

However, many followers were not impressed by his threats and turned on him with a barrage of insults. Others wondered why he is wasting his money and time on Sheila who they said is openly a soft tongued money thug. One of the followers asked God’s Plan to use the energy that he uses to fake an accent to use the same energy and run away from Sheila.

Why should he take it down? Is that not sheila? Is that ugly her photoshopped? Mwaana God’s Plan, mbadde nsaba engeri gyokakamu accent yandibadde yengeli emu gyewandyekase nova Ku kakazi ako!” snapped one of the followers.


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