Friday, January 22, 2021

VIDEO: Angella Katatumba Digs Deep On Why She Had To Dump Daddy Andre After He Refused An HIV Test

singer Angella Katatumba has come out to explain at length her relationship that she had with city singer pans producer Andrew Ojambo alias Daddy Andre. The two were dating until January this year when they were reported to have parted ways. Angela came out to reveal that she left Andre after he went bankrupt and had refused to go for an HIV test after all.

However, in a lengthy interview with a Spark TV, Angela who recorded a song with Andre which is doing well on the airwaves titled “Tonelabira” has revealed that despite the fact that she separates with Andre, she has no regrets why she met him. She says that the experience has made her a better person and meeting was not a bad thing at all.

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“I am so grateful that i met Andre but i don’t regret if what happened between us had to happen and we had to separate i don’t regret because that was what written in the books and it had to happen” – Angella Katatumba revealed.

She however revealed that after parting ways with Daddy Andre, she immediately started receiving countless applications from men. She added that she has not yet identified her ideal man and is still open to other applications.

“In Lockdown i was single but i have been receiving many applications, but I am not with someone, and it’s open for everyone to send in his application. am there, am there” – added the singer.

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When asked about why it was important to know Andre’s HIV status yet they were merely dating, Angela revealed that the producer was noncommittal and claimed that he can only test with someone he was going to marry which forced her to quit. She however revealed she is okay with seeing him move on to meet other women.

“Its fine for Andre to date anyone she wants, i moved on and am seeing other people, feelings have changed so I hope he should be also seeing other people. If he says that he will only test with his wife it doesn’t make sense because even the wife he talking about he will have to first date her. I had to know his status and it was so important” – added Angella.

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Watch video below.

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