Sunday, January 24, 2021

VIDEO: Martha Kay Openly Sings Praises To A Pass For His Sweetness

The live triangle between Martha Kay, A Pass Bagonza, and Ykee Benda is getting more and more interesting. The three have been pecking at each other like woodpeckers which has left many wondering whether its A Pass or Ykee that possesses Martha’s heart….and she has kept them guessing too.

However, days after A Pass revealed the secret to his bedroom prowess, attributing to his regular intake of eater. Martha has sent shockwaves and confused through the Internet after she uploaded a cryptic message on Instagram as she saying praises for her love. To many, the praises were understood to have been directed towards A Pass who has in recent weeks made everyone to believe he is Martha’s chosen one.

“Darling, there is nobody in the world like you!” Captioned Martha Kay instagram.

Having written this, the internet is on fire with speculation. We can guarantee that both A Pass and Ykee Benda will jump on the tweets to resume their protracted battle for the monopoly of Martha Kay’s honeypot.

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