Tuesday, January 19, 2021

“Shameless Bennie Gunter B0#nked Girls On My Bed!” – Former Manager Spills More Dirty Secrets

It is always a common practice for former allies to split each other open after their friendship turns sour. The same is happening between singer Bennie Gunter and his former manager Ibra. Ibra and Bennie Gunter have severed relationships after breakup. The split was caused by the singer’s alleged lack of appreciation and bad mind. 

Now the manager has spilled more secrets, saying that the “Pon Mi” singer came to the city without anything and took shelter at his house as he worked on his music career.

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Ibra confesses that in the process, Bennie Gunter used to wear his clothes, stay at his house and sleep in his bed. However, he revealed that Bennie Gunter had taken the manager’s benevolence for granted after he started bringing wet girls and bonk them on Ibra’s bed.

In an interview Boomz Snoops, Ibra says this happened very many times until Bennie was man enough to rent his own place along Salaama road.

“Beenie Gunter used to bring girls to my own house, he was renting until I helped him to get a house alomg Salaama road, but before all that he was sleeping in my house, wearing my clothes and chewing girls from my bed”- Ibrah revealed.


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