Friday, January 15, 2021

Shocking secrets emerge as Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte’s wives fighting for his property

Days after Kibuli Muslim sect PRO Sheikh Nuhu Batte Muzaata breathed his last at International Hospital Kampala-IHK, his family members are already fighting for his wealth. 

It is alleged that his two widows Amina Bugirita who he divorced 25 years ago and Kulthum Nabunya are already fighting for the late’s properties with Amina demanding for the matrimonial home.

However, lawyer Erias Nalukoola revealed to Boom Gossip that the late Muzaata’s will prohibits Amina Bugirita from accessing the matrimonial home.

According to Erias, Muzaata with the help of Sheikh Bakasembe and Shiekh Yasin Kiwewa left a will directing how his properties should be shared among family members, the will was written based on the Muslim sharia teaching. 

Nalukoola’s revelation followed the fight between the two widows.

Reliable sources have revealed to Boom Gossip that Amina claims to have contributed to the construction of the matrimonial home in Kawempe which is why she deserves to have shares on Late Muzaata’s wealth even though they were not husband and wife anymore.

In the same way, Kultum claims she deserves to take over the home since she has been the late’s wife for the past 20 years. 

However, Boom Gossip reported before Muzaata’s death that Kulthum allegedly left the former and vowed not to go back to their Kawempe home before he promised in writing never to abuse her again.

By the Time Muzaata died, it is still alleged that Kulthum had not returned even though she had promised to return following pleadings from a number of the late Shiekh’s friends and family members. Boom Gossip Sources indicated that Muzaata was only looked after by his son Sowedi Muwonge. 

According to the sharia law as explained by Sheikh Muhammod Kibaate, deputy Supreme Mufti, if a man divorces his wife officially, the woman does not benefit from his wealth upon his death.

Kibaate explains further saying that only children of the divorced wife are allowed to get a share of the deceased’s wealth. 

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