Friday, January 15, 2021

Controversial Full Figure and Confused Ismah Olaxess reconcile

Controversial senior presidential advisor on matters of youths and artists Jennifer Nakangubi aka Jennifer Full Figure has reconciled with motormouthed Facebook blogger Ismah Lubega alias Ismah Olaxess after a bitter war.

The two NRM diehards went bitter at each other following a big oral fight that was sparked off by monetary issues in the political party.

Through a social media post, Full Figure Quoted the Bible saying that if Jesus forgave the Pharisees, who is she not to forgive others. She revealed that city tycoon Ham Kiggundu helped bring them together again.

“What a great day, today has been today I forgave Ismah thank you, brother, Hamis Kiggundu for uniting us olaba need yesu yasonyiwa abafelisayo nze Ani atasonyiwwe all make mistakes he did and I did,” She posted yesterday. 

Weeks ago Ismah and Full Figure shocked netizens when they started an oral fight on social media where insults were hurled at each other using vulgar languages.

During the fights, Ismah promised to beat Full Figure and knock her with a car. He went ahead and wished the presidential advisor to die while in labor. 

All this was spearheaded by the two NRM staunch supporter’s failure to negotiate a share that Ismah had managed to collect from Hamis. To settle matters the city tycoon reunited the two while ” Mama Museveni” had taken her newborn baby Museveni Pearl Kairos to be introduced to him. 

Wat agreat day today has been ?? today I forgave Isma thank you brother Hamis Kigundu for uniting us olaba Yesu yasonyiwa abafelisayo nze ani atasonyiwa ? we all make mistakes he did and I did.

Posted by Jennifer Full Figure on Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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