Friday, January 15, 2021

Netizens attack Rema Namakula’s husband for leaving a helpless woman in theatre to attend to treat Muzaata’s Body (Screenshots)

During an interview with a local television yesterday, singer Rema Namakula’s husband Dr Sebunya Hamza revealed that he was forced to leave his client to someone else after receiving news about Kibuli Muslim sect PRO and his friend Sheikh Nuhu Batte Muzaata’s death on 4th December.

He says he was getting ready to operate on a certain lady when he received the sad news.

“News reached me when I was going to the theatre, I had a woman I was going to operate, they had finished preparing her. I was unable to work on the woman I was going to operate on, I gave her to someone else and asked him/her to help me telling him I didn’t think I could do anything at that moment. I drove to IHK, from there we went to Kawempe, my wife was also coming in the country so I had to pick her from the airport at 2pm,” he narrates.

Netizens however accuse him of neglecting a woman who needed him to attend to someone who was already dead.

“Looking at a situation where a person in theater waiting for a doctor and a doctor is busy of a phone call!,” Says one Facebook user named Alex Pianist.

Shamsa lucky replied to Alex’s comment saying that Sebunya is lucky he is in Uganda where one can not sue such careless doctors.

“Ela let them be Uganda doctors where you can sue such foolish people otherwise ebitabo byamumenyela bwelere” she rants.

“Sometimes I love Uganda, it gives us options! E bulaya you have to wait until shift nga ewede or someone to relive you of the task otherwise obela tokyalina lincence” another Facebook user Senga Acid posted.

Ssebunya says he received a phone call from Muzaata’s close members who were at IHK informing him about the Shiekh’s situation. He adds that he was among the first people to know about his death even before the hospital confirmed it.

Netizens still blame him for being on phone while on duty which they think is unprofessional.

“I thought surgeons are not supposed to go with phones in the theater to avoid distractions oba nsinikile muli ebinyo,”  Kevogo Sumayiya commented on a post.

Another Ugandan criticised saying he wasn’t supposed to be with a phone while preparing for an operation.

“Now in the theater room with a patient on an operating table, with  a phone to receive the bad news! Uganda banange. How does one concertarte at such a leve” 

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