Friday, January 15, 2021

Tina Fierce Reveals the truth behind her wedding allegations

Photos of the Motormouthed former ‘Scoop on Scoop’ presenter Christine Karungi alias Tina Fierce in a weeding gown surfaced the internet yesterday with allegations that she has tied the knot with the lover.

Netizens say she had bedded a 23 year old boy, Badru Bossa. Now the mother of 5 kids has spoken out and revealed the truth.

The always overly shouting Tinah Fierce has trashed the wedding allegations and confirmed it was just a photoshop for one of her clients who sells wedding gowns.

According to Tina Fierce, she will let her fans know when she is ready to wed but as of now, she is still single and not yet ready to settle down with any not, not even the handsome Badru.

Muhumuza Badru aka Bossa is a city photographer and also a crew member of Valentino’s dance group and a model.

Tina with alleged husband
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