Friday, January 15, 2021

“No vag!nal lips whatsoever!” Angry fans blast Kim Kardashian for exposing her tiny Sumbie online (Screenshots)

Kanye West’s bae Kim Kardashian is famed for shocking with her provocative photos and once famously declared: “see the light.”

But the 40-year old came under fire from fans after posting half na(k)ed pics online.

In the viral photos, Kim is seen topless although her breasts have bee pixelated and her Sumbie too.

It wasn’t long before fans slammed her semi nu()de post. One wrote: “Put some clothes on Kim! Girls struggle enough with body image. You’re not helping by posting half-naked pics on social media. Covering up your private parts with a little string sends the wrong message to all girls. These pics belong in a men’s magazine.”

Another said: “That is only for your husband to see, not the whole world. Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, and if you defile it God will defile you. (2Corin.6:14-18).”

And one added: “No vag!nal lips whatsoever.”

Check Out screenshots below;

Fans blast Kim
Angry fans
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