Friday, January 15, 2021

Angry Capital FM’s Gaetano Kagwa to sue NTV (VIDEO)

Capital FM’s Gaetano Kagwa Juuko has threatened to sue Kampala Capital City Authority ( KCCA) and NTV Uganda for allegly invading his privacy yesterday evening during police and KCCA patrol regarding Curfew guidelines where he was found in a bar beyond curfew time. 

During the search KCCA moved with journalist from different media houses NTV inclusive which aired the story at 7pm in Akawungeezi Bulletin. Gaetano was seen among the culprits that have failed to respect ministry of health guidlines.

The presenter has showed his disappointment in the authority for invading his privacy vowing to sue them.

“We are suing, we are suing everybody” he stated during his morning show with Lucky Mbabazi on capital FM.

He narrates how it all went down.

“I was at zone 7 , zone 7 happens to be my establishment, that is where I go sometimes to eat dinner, to meet clients, to talk business and I will have you know that these people entered at 20 or 25 minutes after 9’Oclock. Remember lucky what kind of work I do, Is essential I am an essential worker. I was at a restaurant called zone seven, remember key work restaurant which is my restaurant in a meeting, we weren’t having dinner, there might have been a ka loosey bottle somewhere, people were getting ready to go home and they were social distanicng and mind you I was even wearing a mask”. 

Gaetano says his great disappointment was KCCA coming with cameras.

“I don’t mind people entering my establishment be it authorities to say by the way it’s time for you to close, I don’t mind, what I got very upset with were those cameras. You are on private property,this TV station that came too is also a private business, they had no right whatsoever to come and start filming on my premises, I found it very wrong,” disappointed Gaetano says.


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