Friday, January 15, 2021

Bad Black’s mega SexParty at Olive Gardens

Controversial Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black also known as ‘Masolo queen’ organised a Sumbie chewing party at Olive Gardens Bugolobi for all slayers to meet and chew each other like there is no tomorrow.

However, as the party went on, the police raid the venue.

As we write this story, lot of Kampala slayers and partiers are till now nursing wounds from beatings thye succumbed to courtesy of the Special Forces Command (SFC) and Uganda Police as they raided Ugandan socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black’s sumbie chewing party that went down at Olive Gardens Bugolobi next to the Royal Suites.

In the due course of the week, the “Queen of Sumbie Vendors” announced how she had organized a sumbie chewing party for all Kampala slayers to meet and b0nk till the sky falls down.

Through a short video clip posted on her SnapChat stories, Bad Black Uganda advertised for her own “Hook Up” party took place last Friday night.

However, the latter were surprised by army beatings in company of the city regulators, KCCA thereby partiers sharing several strokes of the cane for flouting the COVID-19 health guidelines.

Through her Snapchat socials, “Mama Jonah” has opened up about the disappointing evening that she had last Friday despite the fact that she managed to escape back home while unhurt.

“Emisinde mugilabye just one call mufuniddemu me kibuko metro na suites wait tomorrow o will destroy all area let others work see how jealous can destroy all parties KCC came to Olives then SFC to ur conners,” lamented socialite Bad Black through her socials.

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