Monday, January 18, 2021

Bebe Cool exposes Bobi Wine’s dirty secrets

For years singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has beefed fellow singer and once a friend Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine for unknown reasons. 

His hatred for the now presidential candidate has not stopped as he has vowed to do all it takes to bring him down. 

The singer trashed NUP and Bobi wine’s claims that he almost got killed by police in Jinja saying that it was a calculated move by the party to blackmail police .

He posted the video where Bobi wine almost got shot but instead his security officer Afande Kato became the victim saying that the person who threw the dangerous weapon was his own friend and Private security man. 

“I would never have posted this video but because I have final evidence of this black mail including to fight that has just erupted in NUP over this clip. 

It actually has a very good explanation only that the culprit is the security guy of the boss.

So who is fooling who Black mailing our security organisations won’t work,” He captioned pictures of the said security guy who he believes was behind the alleged blackmail and the video. 

Bebecool emphasizes that Bobi planned everything which is why by the time the incident happened, he was ordering his body guards and supporters to stay away as seen in the video. Infact Bobi is seen pushing his people away to leave him alone with police to discussing. It was at that time that the unidentified weapon was thrown which almost hurt him.

Another video has also been posted by the singer where loud mouthed blogger and NRM supporter Ashburg Kato is explaining that Bobi Wine’s car was shot at by police because his driver was intending to knock police officers.

In the same video, Kato narrates how Dan Magic fell off from behind of the car and got hurt disagreeing with the news that he was injured by police intentionally.

Dan Magic was injured during the saga in Kayunga and Bobi Wine’s car was shot at while in Jinja.

However, Bebe Cool eat his own vomit after NBS investigative story by Canary Mugume which exposed that the explosive was shot by the police.

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