Thursday, January 21, 2021

Fik Fameica in Hot Soup Over “Property” Song, Explains Lyrics Allegedly Demean Women (VIDEO)

Rapper Shafik Walukaga alias Fik Fameica and “Property” mega hit producer Artin Pro appeared before the high court today over composing a song that allegedly undermines women.

Fik Fameica and Artin Pro were dragged to court by a one Ms. Prasidia Nagasha with claims that the song demeans and undermines women and girls in the country and Uganda Communications Commission(UCC) for failing to protect Ugandans from the harmful content.

“That song has led to a public outcry in women and girls like Quin Abenakyo and youths under Plan Uganda to have the song immediately banned for violating women and girls’ rights,” Nagasha stated.

Nagasha explains further that the song portrays women and girls as properties that can be purchased and owned hence sending a negative message to the public about the status of women in Uganda. 

She says that in 2018 Fik Fameica and Artin recorded and produced the song which has lyrics like “My woman is my property, my woman is my chapati, my Bugatti” which put down women and girls. 

Nagasha also blames UCC for failing to protect Ugandans from the harmful content.

However, Fik Fameica explains the song lyrics revealing that when he was recording this song, he never had idea to abuse or going against women rights in the country but he intended to praise them as a biggest asset men have ever had in this wild.

“My intention when i was recording this song was not to abuse women in the country but i was praising them because i know a woman is the only best assert or something good any man has ever got. So i was making women know that we appericiate that they are always there for them,” Fik Famika explained.

Watch the video below;

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