Thursday, January 21, 2021

“I taste better”- Spice Diana Brags About Her Sweet Sumbie (Screenshots)

From landing mega deals, recording monster hits during lockdown to getting praises from Harmonize after allegedly enjoying her waterlogged sumbie, Source Management songstress Hajara Diana Namukwaya popularly known as Spice Diana also trusts her sweetness.

The singer has today stunned Snapchat after bragging that she’s is the only Ugandan female singer who tests better.

“Focused women taste better, I taste betterest,” she brags.

Netizens reacted to her post saying that it is not true arguing that many focused women have been used and dumped.

“This is not true, if that is how it is then men couldn’t leave focused women to go cheat!  All women taste different and taste their own way! As they should! PS. The word betterest doesn’t exist” – one netizen commented.

The “Onsanula” singer fired back emphasising that she tastes better.

“I taste more than better. If it doesn’t exist, in my world it does. I taste betterest nkidamu,” she insisted.

Spice Diana advise the concerned citizen to stop taking everything personal adding that being married doesn’t make him/her focused.

“If you are taking things personally owedde. Each one of us has personal experiences. And being married doesn’t make you focused. If you are dense, you are dense, I taste betterest nkidamu” Spice wrote.

Spice post on snapchat
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