Friday, January 22, 2021

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte’s REAL Cause of illness Revealed

News about Kibuli Muslim sect Public relations officer Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte’s critical condition at IHK has been spreading all over the country with claims that he was poisoned. 

However, a trusted source has today told Boom Gossip that Muzaata is only suffering from heartbreak after his wife Nabunya Kulthum left him months ago due to his abusive behaviours towards her.

It is alleged that Kulthum stepped out of their Kawempe Feeti Falawo home vowing not to return to Muzaata saying that he had turned quarrelsome and Rude to her.

One family member has revealed to Boom Gossip that Kulthum has tried her best to be a good wife but the controversial Sheikh has failed her.

“She knows Muzaata very well and treats him like a baby. He wakes up very early in the morning for his morning prayers after which he returns to bed at 11am. She only wakes him up to have a glass of juice and then breakfast before he drives to town for the day’s errands. However, at the beginning of August, he barked at her when visitors were there and this humiliated her In addition to beating her before. Like every woman who deserves the best life, she parked her Sharias, knickers, hijabs, lipstick, makeup kits and left the home” a family member who prefers to stay anonymous revealed to Boom Gossip.

Our anonymous goes ahead to say that after frustrated Kulthum left their home, Muzaata was shocked and heart broken which resulted into the illnes.

“It left Muzaata heartbroken because he couldn’t believe it, his health diminished because he couldn’t take care of himself for the last four months,” Boom Gossip source explained further.

It is also alleged that Muzaata’s bosses at Kibuli led by supreme Mufti Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa, his deputy Sheikh Mahmood Kibaate, family members and friends are all on their knees pleading Kulthum to return to her husband. 

According to our source, however, Kulthum has vowed not to return until Muzaata promises in writing that he will never beat, torture, or abuse her again.

Shiekh Nuhu Muzaata is still admitted at IHK hospital where he is being taken care of by his son Sowedi Muwonge. 

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