Sunday, January 24, 2021

“I wish your wife Daphine Frankstock dies with your kids in a car accident” – Angry Prisca Shanice Namara Blasts Comedian Salvador Exposing His Dark Secrets (Screenshot)

Blogger Prisca Shanice Namara has finally let out ther anger and hatred she has for the current regime led by NRM boss President Museveni to blast renowned comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi who is a strong diehard of Mr. Tuhaburwa.

This was after Salvador’s tweet announcing Museveni’s national address against the National Unity Platform presidential aspirant Bobi Wine who also had to address his followers on the state of his campaign at the same time.

“I might be weak, but when an elder is speaking. I keep quiet regardless of what they say or what I have to say. It’s just how I was brought up, don’t compete with the ELDERS. That’s me, you might think different – 7PM
@KagutaMuseveni #Action,” Salvador earlier posted.

However, Netizens were not comfortable with his post, and a one Namara chose to bitterly blast him exposing his and dirty secrets behind his endless support for Mr. Museveni.

“Because you’re living in a (comfort Zone) free house built by M7, What have you done for Nationa Robbers Movement (NRM) when late Ibrahim Abiriga is 6 feet under and he died poor like a church mouse. You think your brothers in Northern Uganda are well off. Its 35years of suffering. M7 planted Konny and Killed people’s parents, brothers and sisters but you’re here nio nioring. Kibwetere saga and massive graves. Do you know how many people died in Kasese sagga upto now omumbere is still on house arrest… i wish your wife Daphine Frankstone dies with your kids in a car accident and feel the pain too like other people who have lost their loved ones under M7 and the mafia’s orders or regime. Gasiya,” angry Namara blasts salvador.

In shock Salvador was left with nothing to say, he didn’t deny or accept the allegations but responded to the post saying “Jesuuuu”

Here is what others say;

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