Thursday, January 28, 2021

Celebrated Ebonies CEO Dr. Bossa Hospitalized, in ICU With COVID-19

Boom Gossip understands that it’s all not good at Ebonies house after it is reported that legendary actor and “The Ebonieas” boss Dr. Bossa Ebonies alias Sam Bagenda 55, is sick with deadly COVID-19 and he is currently in ICU.

Dr. Bossa Ebonies contacted the killer virus recently, and he is being admitted with other Ugandans who contracted the same virus. His condition, however is not stable as he is surviving on Oxygen.

However, Boom Gossip leant that Dr. Bossa Ebonies is very safe as he has allegedly come out and trashed the sickness allegations but basing on the photo Boom Gossip received, a video clip of Dr. Bossa trashing the allegations will be the seal on the conversation.

They stated that Bagenda, the lead actor with the Ebonies, said he was shocked by social media claims that he was critically ill. 

“I want to assure everybody that I am physically and mentally normal and right now I am in a saloon preparing to go for my last rehearsals for our online show,”- Sam Bagenda.

Uganda has so far registered past 20,000 positive cases and according to various doctors, as they give reports they say that the hospitals are so far all full. COVID-19 patients have covered all of them and government hospitals are all out of gas cylinders.

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