Sunday, January 24, 2021

Singer Eezzy’s Lockdown Anthem “Tumbiza Sound” Going off TV/Radio Play Lists

Many songs have been recorded and released during this COVID-19 lockdown but we all must agree that “Tumbiza sound” is still the best amongst them all. 

Now the shocking and sad news to party animals who had resorted to playing the hit song during secret house parties, is that they may not be able to continue after rumours emerged that the song is likely to get banned by the Ministry of health with claims that some of the lines In the song show that people are violating ministry’s guidelines regarding VID-19.

Lines like “Mwe jemubela mu lockdown, ffe tubela mu bend down,” meaning that while you are in lockdown, for us we be bending down. 

However, Eric Opoka aka Eezzy who sang the hit song says bending down doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has to be with a group of people which increases the risk of catching the Coronavirus.

“You can bend down from your home alone” he stated during an exclusive interview with Boom Gossip.

Eezzy says that he has heard about the rumour but claims that the song is calling out the ministry to lift the lockdown and let bar owners and party animals to go on with their business. He adds that people have many problems which call for such fun.

“People have many problems now, the least they can do is go to bars, have fun and forget those problems,” he explains.

The singer also says the ministry of health can open the bars and put restrictions so that people can follow SOPs as he stated in his song.

“Bwemuba mwagala sanitizer, tujja gula sanitizer, tuyingile me sanitiser mukibala tukube party” meaning that if you want us to buy sanitisers, we shall buy and enter bars with them and party.  

Ezzy is an upcoming artists who got poplular during this lockdown after releasing the song in question. He is from Northern Uganda.

Listen to the song below;

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