Monday, January 18, 2021

Bebe Cool Apologies To Ugandans Over Insensitive Regarding ‘Free Bobi Wine’ Riots

Singer and NRM staunch supporter Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has today Thursday morning apologized to Ugandans for being insensitive in his Facebook post yesterday regarding free Bobi Wine riots.

Bebe Cool says that he was only concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus during mass campaigns being put up by other presidential candidates who he believes have failed to adhere to the SOP’s as per Electoral Commission directives.

“I would like to apologise for the post I made yesterday that made me appear insensitive towards the families of the innocent Ugandans that lost their lives in the riots that took place yesterday. COVID-19 is real and it’s taking lives of the vulnerable people amidst us. We are in an election and the candidates who are vying for different positions all seek to have masses on their side but the reality is that we are living in a difficult and challenging time” he said.

He adds that he was concerned so much about his candidate’s supporter’s anxiety who he claims were made to believe by opposition propagandists that they (NRM) lack support.

“If I had let our opponents go on unchallenged, there was a possibility of them causing chaos after election loss claiming the election had been rigged simply because they had crowds and we had gone scientific in order to adhere to EC guidelines” Bebecool explains further.

Following Robert Kyagulanyi’s brutal arrest and free Bobi Wine riots in the country, Bebe Cool posted on his socials saying the government will not stop if riots don’t stop.

He said they can not allow hooliganism to go on when they are watching.

“When the other side stops, we too will stop. 

But make no mistake, once the resume, we will resume even at a higher tempo. For now we are ready for plan B starting tomorrow. 

This kind of hooliganism can’t be torelated.” He posted yesterday amid chaos and deaths. Bebe Cool has since then been criticised by many Ugandans who believe he is heartless to put up such a post when innocent people are losing their lives. 

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