Monday, January 18, 2021

Diamond Platnumz Baby Mama Zari Hassan Take Internet by Storm as she Goes Shopping in Presidential Treat (VIDEO)

Zari Hassan visited her ex- husband Diamond Platnumz’s in Tanzania on November 6, and they were spotted together with their children. Her visit to Tanzania made her fans to conclude that both are back together after a nasty break back in 2018.

Diamond Platnumz is not taking his chances by letting his woman Zari Hassan walk around without a body guard while she is in Tanzania.

Now that she is currently with her ex-lover in Bongo land ‘the bosslady’ is getting nothing but the best in life, something most of Diamond Platnumz ex girlfriends never got to experience.

Zari Hassan who went to Tanzania to co-parenting with her baby dad Diamond has today stunned netizens after she took her children Nillan and Tiffah shopping in a convoy like a president under tight personal security.

Diamond Platnumz’ personal bodyguards have been spotted in almost all her pictures and video keeping a close eye on her and the children whenever they get out of their porch car.

Zari had gone to buy clothing for her two babies but the excitement in the shopping center was extreme, even the people she found there had to stop and stare.

Well, rolling with a man like Diamond Platnumz it only means that Zari and her family have to be monitored too.

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