Thursday, January 28, 2021

‘This is the best Mother’s Day ever’: Sheebah’s Mom Screams With Joy as Daughter Surprises Her With a beautiful Birthday Party

After a very hard and complicated start to her career as a karaoke dancer to celebrated diva, Sheebah Karungi’s mother Edith Kabazungu stood by her until she has seen her daughter succeed. The beautiful part of the story, Sheebah Karungi didn’t forget her hero. She is an artist who forgot about relationships to give all her love to her mother.

A day after her birthday, the ‘Empeta’ hitmaker has also decided to celebrate her Mother’s birthday as she turns 65 years. Her mother was born on November 2 and the party was organised at Sheebah’s home yesterday November 12.

“So my mama is a Scorpio queen too (Nov 2nd) but when didn’t cut her cake kubanga saliwo….so we cut mine together yesterday. I love my mama so much. I would do anything to see her smile like this everyday. Please wish my mama a happy birthday. 65 and still beautiful. May God keep you safe and sound for more 100 years. Nkwagala nnyo nnyo.” – Sheebah posted on social media

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