Friday, January 22, 2021

Wema Sepetu Shocks Journalists With Her Response About Ex-lover Diamond Platnumz’ Reunion With Zari Hassan (VIDEO)

Wema Sepetu is in tears after her baby dad Diamond Platnumz chose to get back with his other ex-Zari Hassan.

Appearing in a Tanzanian TV show yesterday, the once bitter ex revealed that she was so much hurt when Zari gave birth because she knew she was the one to have that child first for Diamond Platnumz.

She explained further that at that moment she realised it was her with the problem, not Diamond because they had tried many times to get a child but all in vain.

Wema in agony revealed that she is barren and showed her desire to have children. She also shocked her fans during a Q&A session on Instagram when she said that if Diamond put up a welcoming party for Zari and the kids and invited her she would go.

“Kama Sina majukumu kikazi, why not? After all I wanna party, pambe Sana….” – Wema said.

However, having been exhausted by interviews about Diamond and Zari reunion, Wema chased journalists away as she was seen bidding farewell to them.

“Byeeee…” – She told Journalists.

Wema’s barrenness has been attributed by social media judges to her ex-boyfriend and actor late Steven Kalumba’s curses after she allegedly aborted their two babies.

Wema also said she regrets having bad mouthed Zari’s little girl Tiffah.

Watch the video below;

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