Monday, January 18, 2021

Controversial Nalongo Don Zella Repents, Quits Booze and Weed

Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella is finally tired of her dirty life. Canada based Ugandan socialite was living a life characterised of smoking weed, excessive alcohol, and random s3)x as well as exposing her n(u)de body on social media.

Don Zella has come out to reveal she’s now born again and feels like a new baby.

“Nalokose banange, navude kumasada nenva ku waragi , I just shaved and feel like a new whole baby” she posted on her socials.

Last week the socialite shocked the internet when she went live on Facebook and showed people her unshaved sumbie while in bed with her daughter. The video went viral and netizens started criticising her for not shaving well as going immoral infront of her kid.

Don clapped back saying men love sumbies that are not shaved reminding them to mind their own businesses.

However, with Don Zella’s words uuuh.. we just have to wait.

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