Saturday, January 23, 2021

“Learn To Work Hard, Stop Milking Museveni!” – Swengere Stings Singer Big Eye

Comedian Swengere has come out to bash singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye over his love for free things instead of working hard. This comes after Big Eye claimed to be taking the NRM and government to court for failure to pay him money amounting to 270 million shillings which he allegedly worked for during the 2011 presidential elections.

Big Eye claimed that his coming out to demand money from Museveni didn’t mean that he was asking for free money but was actually demanding his dues.

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“When I came out last week and painfully exposed my debts, some people thought that I wanted free money. Through my lawyers, I Am here to demand the money I worked for in 2011 presidential campaigns for Mr. Yoweri Museveni (Chairperson of the National Resistance Movement,” Big Eye wrote on Facebook.

However, this drew a sharp response from Swengere who through his Facebook page savagely accused Big Eye of wanting to use the same trick as Bad Black to milk money from president Museveni. He asked him yo start working hard instead of framing the president with false accusations.

“Social media is turning you into a “laughing matter” am not a supporter of NRM but let’s be fair, did you have any contract for the job? Can you account for how that money accumulated? Just bcoz Bad Black was paid for making noise doesn’t mean you should start making noise for us in the name of demanding NRM/Government. My advice to people like you is to settle down and reflect on your decisions and above all learn to work and put your eyes off the government handouts. As my president always tells you, THE NRM WILL USE YOU AGAINST THE PEOPLE AND WILL DUMP YOU AFTER,” Swengere wrote.


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