Sunday, January 24, 2021

Ronnie Dumps Maureen Nantume as Co-wife Gives Birth to Lovely Baby

Just last month while appearing in Pastor Bugembe’s church for a service, singer Maureen Nantume revealed that her husband is her best friend and they are so much in love.

On different occasions, the singer has also denied her husband having another wife but news coming onto Boom Gossip news desk indicates that Ronnie Muganza is seriously in love with his wife Claire who just welcomed a baby named Kimora.

Clare is the official wife to Ronnie even though he also was introduced by the Maureen in 2015. 

Maureen and Ronnie’s relationship has been on a standstill with very many problems relating to Ronnie’s cheating, in 2015 ex-wives had planned to storm their introduction ceremony but God was their side (Maureen and Ronnie).

A trusted source has revealed to Boom Gossip that Maureen and her husband broke up a long time ago although she keeps denying it. In fact, the rumour has it that in May this year when a fan asked her where Ronnie but Maureen rudely replied to her comment asking if she lost his number which could confirm the breakup allegations.

Boom Gossip shall keep you posted.


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