Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Pastor Mondo’s MASTER Plan to Break Doreen Kabareebe’s V!rginity Fails After Multimillion Shopping

Doreen Kabareebe stunned Ugandans after posting photos on shopping with motormothered man of God Pastor Mondo Musigisha. Mondo is known for his love for the cameras and showbiz indeed he has gain popularity from it.

Mondo is also well known for chilling with slick babes and rumour has on very many occasions circulated that he not only chills with them but goes beyond the lines.

Yesterday, Pastor Mondo called and decided to take innocent Doreen Kabareebe for multimillion shopping and the two are seen enjoying the day together. According to our source from Yuppy’s clothing where Mondo took Doreen for shopping, the man of God later took her for a meal and had smiles all day.

The meeting between the fashionista and Pastor has forced netizens into mixed reactions with many believe this could be a planned move for Mondo to terminate Doreen’s alleged virginity with many in doubt if she survived dangerous Mondo.

Doreen recently during an interview with Boom Gossip revealed she will only give in to that lucky man who will marry her. If she meant what she said, them sorry for Mondo.

“I am a virgin and no man will ever chew my sumbie apart from that only lucky man who is going to marry me” – Kabareebe revealed to Boom Gossip.

In the past weeks, Mondo was pinned for being a womanizer who does not let any skirt bypass him. It is also alleged that pastor Mondo is gay, however, Boom Gossip can’t confirm the allegations.

Did Doreen survive Mondo?!

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