Monday, January 18, 2021

Men Love My bushy Sumbie – Angry Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella Responds to Critics

Blogger Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella can not let critics have their way in abusing her bushy Sumbie which she showed them during Facebook live where she was unclad in bed with her daughter.

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The video which has received much viewership has also attracted criticism to her with many people asking why she does not shave her down hair. Nalongo has replied to them saying that men love hairy sumbies.

“Tekiwomera matama abiri, Martha shaved mwamuvuma, am not shaving you are complaining. Just enjoy the process, believe me men love ebyoya” – Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella responded to netizens.

Don has also taken to her social media platforms to inform the public that she is not bothered by online critics because she decided to live her life no matter what they say, she adds that those who do not have pubic hair should be the only ones to abuse her.

“Once you allow Facebook to control your life, you will never be happy in life salwawo kimu, live your life freely or be a Facebook prisoner? Nze ndi mukoowu, atalin byoya yaba anjasamira. Wenfa temunziikanga abana bange balinzika. Gabalemye sigala mu zi struggle zamwe muli ku Don Zella, mwayuya abamu mwasuze nenjala nze ndi America ninze Biden kulua kalulu silina bude busala bizza, I am glad tewali yabimbuziza kuba ninze abimbuza muwalabule oba waliwo ansasulira bills” – Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella Opens up.

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