Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: Nalongo Don Zella Undresses On Facebook Live, Paraded Off Her Sumbie With Her Daughter In The Same Bed

After posting that she is searching for a man to chew her, Nalongo Don Zella has decided to serve the interested party with what he should expect to chew as she paradise her honeypot on Facebook Live.

“Ba Kim Kardashian sibantu, are they not mothers? Ba Jennifer Lopez? Beyonce? Nzijako amalo sili mean wa nyoko…….” – Don blasted critics.

Singer Big Eye’s Ex-Lover Don Zella was doing a Facebook Live late in the night when she instead turned her camera around and showed off her bare body with her daughter in the same bed

Lying in bed with no clothes on, Don Zella who seemed a bit high from all the smoking decided to give her followers a sneak peak of her sumb!e

Filled with stretch marks all around her “ki-word”, Don Zella seemed very care free as she instead just went ahead and turned up-side down to even show off her butt0cks.

Download her Videos Below she Posted:


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