Thursday, January 21, 2021

Boyfriend Gets Stuck INSIDE Married Lover’s Sumbie During Live Romp in her Matrimonial Bed

It was a movie day in Arua when a security man’s wife got stuck with a man she was cheating with behind her husband’s back.

It is alleged that the security man was eavesdropped that his neighbour was eating his wife’s bean but he did not believe it. When rumours went on he decided to go to a witch doctor who would do his magic and the two b0nkmates get stuck.

After a short period of time, the security man was notified by neighbours that his dear wife was being enjoyed by the neighbour in their matrimonial bed which forced him to leave work early and catch them.

Indeed he was so lucky to find them in agony while the man big cassava got stuck in between his wife’s thighland. At that moment they could not keep it a secret but had to cry out for help and neighbours were able to hear them and inform the betrayed security man.

Out of anger, the cheating woman’s husband started punishing the two stuck lovers with slaps but later called the witch doctor who separated them.

The enraged husband was heard lamenting cursing his wife for betraying him when he has hustled to give her everything she wanted.

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