Thursday, January 28, 2021

Ugandan Musicians Team up to Release a song ‘Muzeei Tute’ against Lock on Happening Places

Musicians include Misach Semakula, Harunah Mubiru, Kapiripiti, Swahaba Kasumba, Taata Sam among others have come together for the first time to join hands to produce a song that demands the government to lift the lock on bars as well as all happening places because they are starving.

The singers say they have decided to put their voices together to fight for their fellow musicians mostly upcoming ones who are in poor conditions during this COVID-19 period. 

Misach Semakula says that they are not necessarily demonstrating for themselves because some of them are still financially well but they are fighting for those in need. He says since the lockdown began, he has been taking care of a good number of artists.

“Young musicians are still coming to get posho and beans that we serve them, they walk long journeys to get the food and by the time they reach home, they are already empty.” Says Misach Semakula

According to Misach, many female artists have also fallen in the hands of opportunistic men who they had rejected earlier but because they are helpless now they turn to the same men they rejected for money hence being used just like prostitutes.

In the same way comedian and first time singer, Taata Sam says artists employed many people who are now suffering because their bosses are not working. He gives himself as an example for taking care of over 20 people who he employs.

Listen below.

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