Friday, January 22, 2021

More Dirty Secrets About How Late Pastor Yiga Used to Fake Miracles at his Church Emerge

If you all can remember, in the past years there was a video leaked showing how late Pastor Yiga Augustine alias Abizaayo was faking miracles by buying people and telling them what to do at Revival Church in Kawaala. In that video, a lady identified as Diana Nalunkuuma and other girls are in a mystery room with Pastor Yiga and other people practicing how they were going to fake a miracle.

Yiga was heard telling Diana to act blind and after receiving prayers from the late pastor to open her eyes and tell the congregation that she was healed and able to see again.

Indeed the mission was executed. However, Pastor Yiga denied everything claiming his enemies are looking for ways of putting him down. Diana has come out to confess saying that there is alot of incompetence the “born again” churches.

She says that she was contacted by a certain gentleman who told her Pastor Yiga had a deal that would get her lots of money.

“My friend came and told me there was a man looking for people to work. I went and saw him, he told me he had a deal with pastor Yiga that he wanted us to play a film….” – She narrates

The actor says she was offered 200.000 Ugandan shillings to do the job adding that being desperate for money she took the offer. Diana further explains that the man went and got many other people from different places and took them to Nabbi Omukazi’s house where they had a meeting and practice with the pastor.

According to the accuser, the pastor uses witchcraft as well to perform miracles.

When asked why she has come out at this moment when people are grieveing for the loss of the pastor, Diana told Boom Gossip that her wish is for people to know the dirty work pastors are doing to fake miracles. 

Boom Gossip has also learned that Diana was not paid fully per the pastor’s promise of helping her continue with her studies. 

Diana has also vowed to defend herself in court if any of the late pastor’s family members decide to sue her for opening up about their secrets adding that she was threatened by the pastor that if she told anyone about what happened she would pay dearly.

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