Tuesday, January 26, 2021

“It is True, Pastor Yiga Used to RAPE Women From His Church and Infected Them With HIV” – Pastor Ssenyonga’s Wife Defends Husband

Pastor Eve Ssenyonga wife to motormouthed pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has amidst shame defended her husband for badmouthing the late Pastor Yiga saying that all that her husband said was the truth adding that his husband will never apologise.

Eve says that she does not care what haters are saying about her dear husband because he was only being honest and that those condemning him should do whatever they wish to do but the couple is not shaken by the insults.

It shall be remembered that on 27th October 2020 the day Revival church founder and pastor Yoga Augustine Abizaayo died, Ssenyonga called a press conference where he told journalists that the deceased pastor does not deserve any mercy because he lived a sinful life that was characterized by Rape, infecting his followers with HIV, impregnating them and children neglect among other sins.

After the conference, Ssenyonga received backlash from Ugandans who believe it is another sin to judge others because the Lord these pastors preach about every Sunday says we should not judge but leave that for him.

However, his wife Eve insists her husband will never apologise to what he said because all was true and on record.

“Noooo… no need to apologise and he will not because all he said was the truth” – Eve told Boom Gossip.

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