Sunday, January 24, 2021

VIDEO: Angry Mystery Woman Accuses Daddy Andre Of Child Neglect, Mugole Nina Roz in Agony

A lady identified as Dorah Atim has come out to accuse singer Ojambo Andrew aka Daddy Andre of child neglect. Atim says she has an eight year old daughter with Daddy Andre but he does not give them any support.

Atim has revealed to Boom Gossip that she met with Andre in 2011 in Nsambya via her friend’s boyfriend who was a friend to the “Tugende mu church” singer and it is from there that he confessed he was in love with Atim hence making love which resulted into a baby girl in 2012. According to the accuser, Andre did not deny the pregnancy but told her to go ahead and give birth which she did and he gave his child a name; Ojambo Nekesa Siti.

Additionally, Atim says Andre last saw his child when she was only three months old. She says that the child’s father used to give them little money because he was also poor by then so she was forced to take the child to her grandmother in Gulu who is also poor hence failure for the child to go to school as well as living a happy life.

“The situation became tough and I took her to Gulu, I have never met Andre again after that. Andre is the father of my child because he even gave the child a name, he called her Ojambo Nikisa Siti. I went to his studio in Nsambya and told him the child was over crying so she wanted a name and he gave me that name, he said when she starts crying I call her that name…..” Devastated Atim narrates.

She says she tried looking for Andre but his bouncers kept tossing her so he decided to take the matter to the media so he can come out and provide support for his child. 

Atim reached Andre on phone but he rudely told her to respect him and not take matters to the media again saying that she has no manners yet she needs help. He has told her to wait for him to call her back when he gets money so they can take the child for a DNA test.

He further told her that the child can live without a father because he also has lived without her parents. During the phone call, Andre did not ask who Atim was but he directly went to insulting her after she mentioned her name. Because of this people have started thinking there is a possibility the child could be his.

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However, this all scandal has left Andre’s mugole Nina Roz in Agony. When Boom Gossip reached her via phone call, she refused to comment about husband’s allegation. Boom Gossip shall keep you updated.

Watch video below;

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