Saturday, January 23, 2021

Faded Singer Buchaman Face Jail After He Accidently Revealed His Own Dirty Secrets

The past two days have been terrible for the self proclaimed presidential adviser for ghetto affairs as they saw him get into trouble for beating faded singer Rocky Giant and his military attires were taken from him. This made him appear in the media than before which gave him more authority to exercise pride and talk more than he was supposed too hence revealing his dirty secrets to the public.

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In a recent interview with Boom Gossip, Buchman’s family his wife in particular confidently revealed that they are wholesalers of weed/Marijuana in the Ghetto adding that many Ghetto youths get clean weed from them. His wife unapologetically said during the interview that selling weed is their major source of income.

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The news was able to reach Uganda police which has promised to investigate the matter and take the right actions against Buchanan once investigation results show that indeed he sells it. Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says that selling weed violates the Narcotic drug and psychotropic substance control act 2016.

Additionally, Enanga said they will open up a file and start investigating the self proclaimed ghetto president who is not above the law.

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