Thursday, January 28, 2021

Singer Lilly Pazo Reveals He Feasted On Jinja’s Top Slay Queen’s Honey Pot

The lockdown has not only seen Ugandan artistes idle but also granted them time to have time with their die hard fans. Among the artistes having the best time of their lives is Lilly Pazo who has been left romantically satisfied with a Eastern girl after a mega romp throughout the lockdown.

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Lilly Pazo couldn’t hold back the sweetness of this girl and came out in the public to praise her bed antics. He however couldn’t divulge details about the girl(for fear of losing her) and withheld her names. The  “genda ogule emotoka hit maker” joked on social media that his new girlfriend must be the queen from across the Nile.

“Wabula twekozea bintu…bangambye ono ye miss jinja…. I mean miss Busoga” wrote the singer on social media.

Lilly Pazo with alleged lover

Has the ‘Little Puzzle’ finally found love or its another hit and run escapade?

Watch the space!


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