Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hamza Ssebunya’s Ex-wife Betty Bushirah Stage a Mega Millions Ceremony As She Introduces ‘Boo’ To Her Parents

Boom Gossip earlier reported that Hamza Ssebunya’s ex-wife Bukenya Betty Bushirah was finally finding happiness after her ex-husband dumped her and went with singer Rema Namakula, it has indeed come true and she has today Thursday, October 22, introduced her dear husband to her parents.

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Bushirah came to the limelight late last year when singer Rema Namakula officially introduced husband Ssebunya Hamza who is an ex-husband to Bushirah, and pictures of the gynecologist’s together with Bushirah started spreading on different media platforms with people saying that he is a player and could cheat on the “Tikula” singer.

Ssebunya and Bushirah got married in colourful Nikah (Islam marriage) in 2017 and separated in 2019 when Rema Namakula came into the mix.


Close sources intimated to Boom Gossip that Bushirah felt betrayed and sidelined when Hamza and Rema’s relationship went public. Bushirah moved on and got a new guy, who is rumoured to be staying in
Namugongo, a Kampala suburb where they are going to be enjoying themselves from after making their bonking official.

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