Thursday, January 28, 2021

“Balaam Is A State House Mafia!” – Bajjo And Catherine Kusasira Declare War On Barugahara

On Wednesday, we saw renowned blogger Ashburg Kato coming out to cry foul, saying that he never received the five cows that President Museveni had promised him. He claimed that the cows were released by the president but were swindled by one State House broker.

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However, hardly has the storm settled when other Yellow camp staunch supporters came out to cry foul. They are all accusing the same man – Balaam Barugahara. As we write this Andre Mukasa alias Bajjo who recently joined NRM and Singer Catherine Kusasira have all come out to accuse Balaam of blackmailing them to make them look bad before State House.

Bajjo, in an interview with local television NBS TV revealed that Balaam is one big weevil that doesn’t want anyone else to come close to the State House so that he can keep as the undisputed state house broker. He accuses Balaam of financial dishonesty and says many celebrities who belong to the NRM have been cursing him for long.


Catherine Kusasira is also bitter with Balaam, saying the events boss blackmailed her before president Yoweri Museveni so that she loses credibility.

It should be remembered that even Bryan White had also cried foul about he was being hunted down by Balaam. On his part, Balaam denies all the accusations from the NRM leaning celebrities, saying they are just feeling desperate.

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